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Website Design + Management

We offer website design and management services with three tiers of service offerings to suit different needs. Our bespoke designs ensure that your website reflects your brand and stands out from the competition. We also offer SEO implementation and management services to ensure that your website is easily found online.


With our basic offering, you get a simple website built for your business.  We will set up a basic SEO package and set you up for success.

​What's Included:

  • Basic Desktop Website Build

  • SEO Setup

  • Google Business Profile


Our Plus offering includes everything from Basic but with a few more enhancements.  Things like SEO active management, website built for mobile and monthly site management.

​What's Included:​​

  • Everything with Basic

  • Mobile friendly site

  • SEO setup and active management

  • Advanced desktop site build

  • Regular site management and updates/upgrades


With Pro you get it all.  The robust, bespoke site on desktop and mobile, SEO setup and management and regular site management and updates.  With Pro you'll also receive curated Google Ads setup and management along with an analytics package to see how you're doing.

​What's Included:​​

  • Everything with Plus

  • Regular site management and updates

  • Weekly SEO updates

  • Curated Google Ads setup and monitoring

  • Analytics package to review site performance


Our rental listing is a category of it's own.  We'll build you a website for your rental listing that will elevate your property to a new level, while saving you money with direct bookings through the site.  We'll drive traffic to your listing through web search vs only getting views through the hosting site.

​What's Included:​​

  • Rental listing site

  • Regular site management and updates

  • SEO implementation for your listing

  • Link and sync your booking calendar to not miss a beat

  • Traffic statistics reports

QuickBooks Consulting + Management

We understand that many small businesses don't have enough hours in the day to manage their bookkeeping. That's why we offer remote QuickBooks consulting and management services. Our team of QuickBooks experts can help you maximize the potential of the QuickBooks software and streamline your bookkeeping processes.

Quickbooks system design help

QuickBooks System Design

Each client and business is unique.  We can design a QuickBooks solution that makes sense for you and is fit for your needs.

Quickbooks implementation help

QuickBooks Implementation

Each QuickBooks experience is different.  We'll help you start it off on the right foot.

Quickbooks consultant

QuickBooks Consulting

Need to bounce some ideas off some QuickBooks pros?  We can be that think tank for you!  From system design to workflows and everything in between.

Quickbooks support

QuickBooks Support

Are you frustrated with an ongoing issue with QuickBooks that you can't get passed?  Grace Scott can help!

Quickbooks reporting

QuickBooks Reporting

Accurate and consistent reporting is the radar your business should be guided by.  Whether it's the built-in QuickBooks reports or a complex system needed, we've got it.

Quickbooks management

QuickBooks Management

A lot of companies are outsourcing their bookkeeping services to third parties.  We can help manage your QuickBooks for you remotely, while you focus on your business.

Business Startup Assistance

As an entrepreneur, getting started can be complicated. Our business startup assistance services provide the guidance and support you need to successfully launch your new venture. From developing a business plan to creating a budget, we are here to help you get your business off the ground.  A few things you'll need to accomplish that we can help with are:

How to come up with a company name.

Company Name

Your company name will become your identity.  Be creative, witty and bold.  We can help you come up with your name, logo and branding package.

How to get a business tax ID


This lets the IRS know you're ready for business.  It sets the legal and mental stage for impending income for your new venture.

How to set up a business account

Business Account

Go local or with the big boys - you have plenty of options.  Either way, it's extremely important for your business to keeps things separate.  We'll help you figure out what's best and secure any funding you need.

How to set up business accounting software

Accounting Software

Expenses are coming and you need to stay ahead and stay organized.  There are many, many options for this.  Find one that fits your business goals.  If QuickBooks is an option or you choice, find out more how we can help.

How to build a website for my business

Business Website

This is what people will see and where people will go to do business with you.  A good website will set you apart from the rest.  Grace Scott can help you win the battle for web space.

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